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Month: July, 2013

Haste arrive back in London with 3 awards!


The Haste ladies arrived back home a couple of weeks ago from their international tour after having some truly amazing experiences and meeting some wonderful people. Everyone we met and stayed with in both Rome and San Diego couldn’t have been more welcoming and supportive, we really felt part of a large artistic community which was very encouraging for us as a young company. After winning two awards in San Diego – one for adversity and the other big one – ‘Spirit of the Fringe’ – we then found out that we won the Creativity award from the press in Rome! We are extremely honoured and flattered to have won these awards. It gives us the confidence that we need to carry on, and the knowledge that our show, which was devised completely on our own with no director, was well received and appreciated.

Now back in London, we are all busy trying to make some money after being away, but still finding the time to rehearse for our next festival, which will be Camden Fringe. We will be playing at the Etcetera Theatre on the 8th-11th August at 3pm. We will have about a week of rehearsals before we perform, in which we plan to develop and tweak the show a little, taking into account all the feedback we received from various people. It is very useful having different opinions from professionals and audience members alike, yet we then have to sift through and make sure we stay true to our original intentions as a company. It seems that when we add in extra bits it helps us to keep the play free and spontaneous which is one of our main aims when devising.

We would like to say how grateful we are for all the support we have had – from family members, friends, other artists, staff at the festivals to St Mary’s University College where we were born! We hope that we have been able to show our appreciation and gratitude through our hard-work and determination, which we hope to maintain.

Please check out our website: http://www.hastetheatre.com and do follow us on St Mary’s blog here: http://www.smuc.ac.uk/news/blog/drama-st-marys-blog/

You can also check out an article written about our show in San Diego here:


Haste in San Diego

So Haste have been in San Diego for just over a week and I am quite sure that we are all ready to up sticks in London and move out here to California! We have been shown such a warm welcome – by both the people and the weather!!! It is real a pleasure to be in such a friendly city and to contribute in what is sure to be a fantastic Fringe Festival.

We have been kept busy playing frisbe and surfing (well attempting to…) on the beach, rehearsing at the San Diego Academy of Performing Arts Studio and joining in the local Zumba classes. Today we will be out and about in Down Town SD to busk and make some noise about Oyster Boy before we start our technical rehearsal this evening at Space4Art.

Last night we took part in the Fringe Press Mixer hosted by the 10th Avenue Theatre (Fringe Central), where we were thrilled to be welcomed by such a lively audience and the brilliant Fringe Team. It was a great opportunity to perform a little taster of the show to a California audience, and of course to see what all the other great artists have brought to the festival. It seems the week ahead is going to be an absolute blast!!

Thank you so much to our friends at home, our new friends in Rome and here in San Diego who have supported us thus far. Without your encouragement this tour would never have been possible. We are extremely grateful!

Ok, ciao for now!Image