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Month: June, 2013

Ciao Roma...

Photo by Giovanna Onofri

Well it was an amazing week in Rome and it’s safe to say our little Oyster Boy is beginning to walk safely on his own two feet now, leaving us lots of time to enjoy the performances and the amazing opportunities this summer is giving us.

We met so many lovely people who supported us over the week, from the stage managers to the olive sellers on the path to our stage (who on the final night administered some brilliant first aid to Elly whose running across the Roman cobbles left her with a heavily bleeding toe about 20 minutes before the show went up…), as well as lovely reviewers, performers and other industry professionals. We have had an overwhelmingly positive response from the Italian audience, and managed to completely sell out with extra seats having to be found.

Our first experience performing in a foreign country definitely had its stressful sides, not least the language barrier for four of us, but we are pleased to say that we are finding our feet during performance and whatever stresses (bloody toes, last minute stage changes, lights blowing and sound problems) we had faced, during performance we managed to come together and play the show with even more fun and confidence than before.

We hope to return to Rome Fringe again soon as a week certainly wasn’t long enough to immerse ourselves in all the city and festival had to offer! However, we are now sitting in sunny San Diego preparing for our performances at the Fringe next week. This theatre company life really isn’t so bad huh? We met with the festival producer, Kevin, yesterday who made us feel so welcome and at home here, and are looking forward to meeting the rest of the artists and press at the festival mixers this week.

We are also putting in some time in the rehearsal room to try out some more developments to a show which has already developed so much since opening night, and which we are really starting to feel comfortable and looking forward to sharing with the beautiful people in the US of A.

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Haste arrive in Rome for the Fringe Festival!

So, Haste have arrived in Roma – and what a city to begin our international tour. Every corner you turn there is something new to be discovered and most likely a spectacular ancient ruin! We are in awe and so grateful to have the opportunity to perform in such a lively city.

After a surreal and somewhat stressful morning of organising flyer printing and box office arrangements (and discovering that we were performing outdoors!) we enjoyed a beautiful afternoon busking in the sunshine and encouraging people to come to our opening night at the Villa Mercede. It seems our singing was well received as we had a great first audience! We thoroughly enjoyed the first show and are still overwhelmed by the positive feedback from the audience  – one couple told us it was the best show they had seen in the festival so far!  After the show we were interviewed by the magazine Nouvelle Vague, which you can watch on youtube here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yHN2sJEx1CM&feature=youtu.be

Today we are heading out for another day of busking and promoting the show…and maybe a cheeky trip to the Coliseum too. Roma, Roma, Roma – Haste theatre vi ama!


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Haste ha appena iniziato il suo tour in giro per il mondo, prima tappa ieri al Roma Fringe Festival.

Una serata davvero positiva per la nostra compagnia che è stata accolta con calore dal pubblico italiano, saremo ancora in scena per altre due sere nel parco di Villa Mercede a San Lorenzo. Considerando che Haste è appena nata e per la prima volta sul suolo italiano possiamo essere fiere del numero di persone che sono venute a vedere Oyster Boy, sicuramente anche grazie ai nostri metodi “canori” di volantinaggio, infatti durante tutta la giornata prima dello spettacolo abbiamo cantato per le strade della capitale e all’interno della città universitaria de “ La sapienza”. Dopo lo spettacolo siamo state intervistate dalla rivista Nouvelle Vague, potete vedere la nostra intervista qui:


Oggi e domani continueremo ad aggirarci per le strade di Roma cantando e chiacchierando con le persone invitandole  ai nostri prossimi spettacoli il 20 e 21 Giugno. Se anche voi vi aggirate da queste parti attenti perché potreste incontrarci dietro l’angolo a cantare accompagnate dal nostro hukulele!


Haste feature on St Mary’s Drama blog!

Haste feature on St Mary’s Drama blog!

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